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Dive into the world of log homes and timber homes with NAHB.Discover the timeless appeal of log home living, from design inspiration andconstruction techniques to maintenance tips. Learn how to bring the rusticelegance of log homes into your life.

7 Frequently Asked Questions About Log Homes 

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Building a dream log home can be an exciting, new process for most people, who often have questions about what building and living in a log home is like. Here are some frequent questions clients ask.

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Connect with member companies that can help bring your dream log home or timber home to reality, and receive an e-brochure to learn more about log homes and timber homes.

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Getting Started on Building Your Log Home or Timber Home

If you’re dreaming of buying and building a log home or timber home, you are not alone. More people live in these modern, rustic residences than in any time in history. The warmth of wood, the solid construction and that powerful connection to nature, all add up to a feeling of safety and sanctuary that many of us crave in today’s uncertain world. Here's how you can get started on building your dream.

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Log Home and Timbers Home Buyers’ Guide

Discover which path is right for you when making your dream log home or timber home a reality, from choosing your style to designing your floor plan to picking finishing touches.

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Log Home & Timber Home Producers

There are many benefits to working with Log & Timber Home Council members. Learn more about member companies and the log home and time home options they have available.

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Why Choose a Log Home?

Download white papers on special topics surrounding log homes and timber homes that explore what makes them unique: appraisals, energy performance, maintenance, and the grading and construction process.

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About the Log and Timber Homes Council

Members of the Log and Timber Homes Council share the same passion for living in a log home or timber home as you do. Each company invests in the council to develop and improve construction practices and policies that will extend and protect the timber and log home living lifestyle well into the future.